Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions and conditions of participation for the botanika-hamm

§ 1 Contractual Partner
Organizer is the
Krystian Kalinowski and Frank Bonk GbR. with seat
Free floe 39 in
44339 Dortmund,
hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”. With the settlement of the invoice for the reserved
A legally binding contract is concluded for the stand area. The contractual partner will
Hereinafter referred to as “Exhibitor”.

§ 2 Registration
Stand space can be reserved via the website, by telephone, by post or on the
event take place in person. The organizer sends the exhibitor according to his
Reservation the bill too.
It is not possible for minor exhibitors (under the age of 18) to register. The selling
and offering goods from underage exhibitors is only permitted with express consent
and knowledge of the legal guardians permitted.

§ 2.1 Reservations
A reservation can be rejected at any time by the organizer without giving reasons
be revoked.

§ 2.2 Rental Furniture
The exhibitor can book functional rental furniture from the organizer for a fee. This
may vary in size, quality and texture and show signs of wear
on. The materials do not always correspond to the specified standard dimensions.

§ 2.2.1 Defects
The exhibitor must report any defects or damage to rented furniture immediately to the organizer
to sue. The exhibitor is liable for any damage caused to the rented furniture
to come up

§ 3 Payment
The amount to be paid for the stand rental and rental furniture must be paid within 14 days after
receipt of the invoice must have been credited to the organizer’s account. are at the transfer
provide the following information: name of the issuer (if different), customer number and
Invoice number to the account specified in the confirmation/invoice.

§ 3.1 Prices
The prices can be found in the respective registration. The exhibitor has the in the
Confirmation/invoice including VAT.

§ 4 Place Allocation
The exhibitor is not entitled to a specific place. Even if this before
previously agreed, another seat can be assigned in exceptional cases. The organizer
tries to take into account expressed placement requests, but he obliges himself
not to implement them.

§ 4.1 Booth Size
The organizer assigns stands of different sizes, a guarantee and resulting
The exhibitor cannot assert any claims for damages. The plotted areas
must always be observed by the exhibitor.

§ 4.2 Aisles, walking and escape routes
In this regard, it is specifically pointed out that the stand areas shown are not
may be crossed and that escape routes and emergency exits are kept clear
pay attention. All walkways are also escape routes and must therefore be kept clear at all times!

§ 5 Set-up, dismantling and opening hours
The exhibitor is obliged to keep his stand open during the set market time.
In the event of premature dismantling or closing of the sales stand without express permission
a contractual penalty of 20 or 50 euros will be charged by the organizer and the
paid deposit will be retained. The exhibitor must also adhere to the event times.
In the event of non-compliance, the exhibitor must pay any additional costs incurred.

§ 5.1 Subcontracting
The stand area will be kept free for the exhibitor up to 15 minutes before the end of the set-up time. If
the stand space is not clearly occupied by then, the space can be used
be passed on to the organizer for event-related reasons. A claim
on the assignment of an alternative place does not exist.

§ 5.2 Loading, unloading zones and parking lots
Exhibitors are permitted to load and unload directly on the market before and after the market
to stop buildings and to drive on the event areas. Once the process completes
is, all vehicles must be moved to the designated parking spaces. It will depend on it
advised to observe the prohibition signs (no stopping, no parking and rescue access routes) and
to leave enough space at the doors. Fire brigade access roads, escape and rescue routes are always
to keep free! Failure to do so may result in the vehicle being towed away. The exhibitor reports
no later than on the day of the event, the registration number(s) of the vehicle(s) to be delivered by him/her
used vehicle.

§ 5.3 Transport Aids
The Kaufland shopping trolleys used by the exhibitor are available during market hours
to bring them back to their respective storage locations. For the dismantling, the admission of
Transport aids only after Granted at the end of the market period. Even after dismantling are all
to bring transport aids back to the place of origin without being asked.

§ 6 Obligation to supervise
The respective exhibitor is responsible for supervising the sales stands.

§ 7 Obtaining information on laws and regulations
It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to find out about all regulations and laws in connection with the
respective event. The exhibitor is obliged to
Stand for compliance with any regulations and laws, such as the Washington
Species protection agreement (WA/CITES) and the European species protection regulation (EG 338/97)
to care.

§ 8 Third Party Rental
The exhibitor may not sublet the rented stand space to third parties.

§ 9.1 Costs of moving and towing
Any costs incurred for moving or towing bicycles, cars or trucks
billed to the vehicle owner.

§ 9.2 Damage
The organizer is not liable for damage to vehicles caused by other exhibitors or visitors.

§ 10 Cleaning
The exhibitor is obliged to use the rented area as well as one meter in front of his stand and up to the
to clean the area of its immediate neighboring stands. The resulting garbage is from the exhibitor
basically to dispose of yourself. Violations of this condition will result in costs incurred
be invoiced.

§ 11 Cancellation, relocation and change over time
The organizer can cancel, interrupt, shorten or postpone an event at any time.
If an event is postponed or canceled, the demurrage paid for the
Transfer date or an alternative date credited. A claim for reimbursement or
There will be no compensation for the exhibitor. If an event is canceled due to higher
Violence such as storms will not be compensated.

§ 12 Advertising Measures
By entering the site, purchasing an admission ticket or registering a stand area
the exhibitor or visitor allows the organizer to make sound, photo or film recordings of the
own person may be used by the organizer. At all events
photos, film and sound recordings are regularly generated, which are published in the press, on the homepage, in
published on social media and on printed products for promotional purposes. visitors and
Exhibitors hereby expressly agree to this, also insofar as their rights to their own image are concerned
are affected.

§ 13 house and space rights
The organizer practices on the entire event site at any time during the event, i.
also before and after the market or event time, the full house and place rights. The
The instructions of the hall operator, organizer and their representatives must be followed. At
If the exhibitor fails to follow the instructions, the organizer or his
have the exhibitor’s stand closed with immediate effect and, if necessary,
ban house. A claim for a refund or compensation for the Exhibitor
does not arise.

§ 13.1 Damage to the building
The organizer expressly points out that sticking or nailing to the hall walls
and rental material is prohibited. Any damage incurred will be charged to the exhibitor in full

Section 13.2 Smoking Ban
Smoking is absolutely forbidden in all rooms of the Zentralhallen GmbH. exhibitors and visitors
can use the outside areas designated for smoking. The ban applies
especially for so-called “vaporizers” because the intense vapor from e-cigarettes
fire alarm system can trigger. Violations will result in an immediate dismissal!

§ 13.3 Pets
Bringing pets is generally permitted if they are housebroken, at a
carried on a leash or in a transport container provided for this purpose and all legal
Requirements (muzzle, vaccinations, etc.) are met.

§ 13.4 Advertising
The distribution of advertising of any kind throughout the event site is only permitted after
subject to agreement and with the prior written permission of the organiser.

Section 14 Damage
For all damage caused to the organizer or third parties by the exhibitor or his representative
arise, the exhibitor is fully liable and is fully liable towards the organizer
obliged to pay damages. The operator or operators of the respective sales stand are liable as
joint and several debtors.

§ 14 .1
The liability of the organizer for the objects or persons brought in by the tenant and
Property damage is excluded as far as legally possible and on intent and gross
negligence, whereby the renter is required to prove fault.